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Apr 11, 2017 08:26 AM EDT

MacBook Pro 32GB with Cannonlake: Apple to Use Intel Chip to Avoid Fans Migrating to Windows-Based Platform [VIDEO]


There is still a possibility that Apple will launch a MacBook Pro 32GB for a few reasons. The Cupertino-based company could be using the next-gen Intel chip to power the device and bring the fans' dream to live.

Phil Schiller made the comment for the current MacBook Pro

Tech experts are perhaps, too quickly to draw a conclusion that the MacBook Pro 2017 will not have a 32GB of RAM. This is based on Apple executive Phil Schiller who made an effort to explain to journalists that increasing RAM to 32GB would require MacBook to have a change in the logic board. As a reminder, his comment was to answer the negative responses of the current series.

MacBook Pro 2016 uses 16GB with LPDDR memory and to put into perspective, the 32GB would need DDR memory. This would affect the battery space and the overall design, but again, this explanation is defining the current MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 2017 with Intel Cannonlake chip

Apple is fond of making unexpected announcements and the enhanced Intel chip is even more suitable for the upcoming MacBook Pro for a variety of reasons. Intel Cannonlake is 25 percent faster than Kaby Lake. It consumes 45 percent less power as well. With 10nm process, the chip will make a device, battery-efficient,  Trusted Reviews reported.

The problem with Coffee Lake is that it does not offer support for larger RAM. That leaves Cannonlake a perfect candidate, according to i4u.

That said, if MacBook Pro 32GB arrives later this year with Cannonlake on board, the flagship laptop will have its logic board design changed. And even with less battery space, the support from Cannonlake can still boost its performance.

Meanwhile, Apple is said to be working on a powerful display for the next MacBook Pro 2017. There could be a new monitor or new machine but regardless of which is which, some of Apple faithful have reportedly moved to the Windows-based platform that does not highly depend on Thunderbolt or using the old way, dual GPUs on the configuration.

VR experience is an inevitable force in today's mobile industry. Not only for the gamers but it is also needed in a workstation. The MacBook Pro 32GB will likely be 'a must' for the pros to handle creative applications.


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