Ryzen 5 Beats Core i7: AMD Offerings are Unsettling Intel [VIDEO]

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The Ryzen chips are not only cheaper than Intel's offerings but they are actually capable processors as well. While AMD claims that the Ryzen 7 has a fantastic professional benchmark, the latest performance score seems to prove that Ryzen 5 could look more appealing.

AMD Ryzen 7 is often pitted against Intel Core i7 since both of them are at the top of line. Several helpful reviews have even claimed that with $499, consumers can bring home an Intel equivalent, twice the price.

However, a recent surprise came from a Spanish reviewer who compared Ryzen 5 1600 to Core i7 7700k. The 6-core CPU won against the 4-core chip as the benchmark displayed a slightly higher result in multi-threaded test.

In a previous performance test that compared Ryzen 7 1800x to Intel Core i7 6900k - the result was astonishing as AMD's CPU managed to beat the latter with much bigger score. The consistent framerate is 12 percent higher at average.

That is not all. Consumers consider pricepoint as one of their main concerns in buying a new CPU. Intel versus AMD - the former has always priced the chip more expensive. With the new Zen architecture, AMD is betting big to dethrone Intel, and become the budget consumer's alternative source, Tech Trader Daily has learned.

Meanwhile, AMD is also gearing up to release Ryzen 3 at a later date after Ryzen 5. The CPU detail has been revealed and it is highly likely to unsettle the market leader with the offering.

Specs-wise, Ryzen 3 will be competing with entry level CPUs in the market. The processor will have 3.1 GHz base clock, 2MB cache and need 65 watts to draw power. The price is reportedly tempting with just $150 or cheaper, according to Fudzilla.  

Regardless of those results, they are not official until AMD Ryzen 5 series is launched on April 11.

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