Students From 3 Different States Accepted In All 8 Ivy League Schools [VIDEO]


Three teens from different separate states in the U.S. has to make a decision many high school seniors can only dream off, deciding which Ivy League school to attend this fall, they have been accepted in all eight of them.

Ifeoma White-Thorpe from Denville, New Jersey said she was shaking when she opened the eighth letter. Ivan Vasquez from Boise, Idaho said he could not believe it. Martin Altenburg from North Dakota got a little extra, besides being accepted in all eight.

 Ifeoma White-Thorpe, New Jersey

She is an AP ace and student government president at Morris High School in Rockaway. She said she was shaking when she got the eighth letter and thought to herself it could be eight out of eight, and it was.

In an interview with CNN affiliate WABC-TV, she said she plans to go into global health and study biology. Apparently thinking that all eight schools offer great research facilities, she went for it and got nods. She credits her love for poetry and writing as to why she was accepted, citing her work must have really stood out.

Ivan Vasquez, Boise, Idaho

The Capital High School senior still could not believe it saying it is still sinking in. He used to think of other kids who got in all eight Ivy Leagues must have cured cancer or something. The Idaho teen got into Harvard early and thought it was the best day of his life.

When he got the succeeding acceptance letters all he could say was, "there's no way." He was inspired to do well when his older brother was accepted to Brown University when he was in the 6th grade, according to

Harvard is his first choice, but research over the summer made him decide to be part of any of the schools would be amazing, he took his chances and hoped for the best. He got the best, but it did take a lot of hard work and dedication, he said.

Martin Altenburg, North Dakota

The Fargo North High School Senior was unsure how many Ivy League schools might accept him. He was accepted at Stanford early and had an inclination that good things may be ahead. He was accepted next at Harvard, Columbia and Brown.

Coming back from a science Olympiad, he began opening the remaining five on the bus ride back. Letter after letter confirmed his acceptance. He said the whole bus went crazy when he opened the last letter from Yale. Aside from bagging all eight Ivies, Altenburg was also accepted in Stanford, MIT, Caltech and UCHI.

Early in high school, he never considered he could go. He states he comes from a low-income family. However, after learning about the admissions process, not only was he bolstered he could go, but excel in one.

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