Harvard And Yale Accepts Quadruplet Brothers From Ohio [Video]


Four brothers from Liberty Township, Ohio got the surprise of their lives when all of them at accepted at prestigious universities, including Yale and Harvard. What made it more special is that the brothers are 18-year old quadruplets, and they found out about their acceptance the same day.

Nick Wade checked his phone and found he was accepted to an Ivy League. He got an even bigger surprise when he found out he was accepted to all his choice schools. Aaron Wade was in the locker room when he decided to log on and check.

Nigel Wade, was there when his brothers told him to check too, Zach Wade would have wanted to do it after practice, but his three other brothers would have none of it.

The quadruplets all have been accepted at Harvard and Yale among other potential college destinations. The brothers reportedly are still in a pleasant shock and admit that the news has not sunk in yet.

Besides Harvard and Yale, each Wade brother have been given a wide set of options for the next four years. Nick is also accepted into Duke, Georgetown, and Stanford. Aaron was accepted at Stanford as well. Nigel made the cut in both John Hopkins and Vanderbilt, while Zach was accepted to Cornell, The Washington Post reported.

The brothers spent their lives trying to carve out separate identities, however, when it came to applying for college, they changed strategies and went in as a package deal, according to The New York Times. Briefly considering a joint application essay, the brothers decided to each write an essay detailing their separate experiences as a quadruplet.

What the brothers came up with are four pieces that can be read on their own, yet meant to be read together. Like a puzzle, each charming piece was winning on its own, together, however, are even better. College admissions officers must have found their pieces so engaging that they are unwilling to pull the brothers apart.

All four brothers would have been taken by Jackson State on scholarship; however, the brothers had other ideas. They applied to many schools as they could because they were targeting to get one that can offer the best possible financial package. It would be a strain even for an upper middle-class family like theirs to send all four to college simultaneously.

Reports say, Yale has offered the best financial aid deal and has been courting them, even offering to fly them to New Haven to visit the campus. However, Aaron might break away and go to Stanford because he wants to go into Artificial Intelligence.

According to their father, there was no secret to his sons' success; he says, "It wasn't a choice to be average."

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