'Hush' The Award Winning Documentary: Health Risks Of Abortion To Be Screened in Over 100 Universities


The award-winning documentary, "Hush" will be screened on more than 105 colleges and medical school campuses on Thursday, March 23, by the nation's largest pro-life youth organization.

Students for Life of America, serving more than 1,100 college and high school pro-life groups, is spearheading a drive in showing the multiple award-winning documentary, "Hush," in a bid to get the conversation going regarding the well-documented and long-term health risks due to abortion.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America hopes that the documentary sparks a dialogue about what women should know before subjecting themselves to an abortive procedure, Stream reported. Accordingly, the choice to have the movie screened at colleges and universities is due to the fact they comprise the largest demographic, said Hawkins.

The movie's pro-choice director, Punam Kumar Gill, stated that she made the movie to explore controversies regarding the long-term effect on women who has undergone abortions. Additionally, the movie also delved on the director's personal health issues arising from her own late-term miscarriage, according to Life News.

"Hush" also delves into the connection of breast cancer, and the ill effects of premature births, psychological and emotional trauma due to abortion, as narrated from beginning to end by the movie's director. Clearly, the art as presented by its maker makes her journey a part of her viewer's journey.

Accordingly, the movie presents an extraordinary amount of evidence and testimony that include those from post-abortive women. The effect for the viewer is a source of rich information regarding a very broad narrative yet presented in an understandable and engaging way.

The film also demonstrates how little evidence there is that refutes the purported safety of the ill procedure as offered by "pro-choice" experts. One abortion practitioner and advocate, Dr. David Grimes has a part in the film offering his views and citing that abortion is safe for women in the long term.

Furthermore, Hawkins also sees that screening "Hush" in campuses could trigger respectful and productive discourses for the sake of women's health. She also hopes that the serious effects of abortion may be given due attention by mainstream media in an unbiased view and true service to women.

People who wanted to see the film in a screening on campus last fall as sponsored by the Fordham Students for Life were forced to turn away by pro-choice protestors, who physically blocked the doors to the venue.

A partial list of the participating educational institutions is listed here in the Students for Life of America website.

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