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Facebook Live Page To Touch Base On College Admission Policies [Video]


US News Facebook Live will host college admission forum on April 7 at 10:30 am. The program will be aired live from Prince George's County National College Fair. The affair will be hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

Among the important information that parents and students need to know are the tuition fees, accommodation, scholarships, financial aid and job placement opportunities. These must be clarified before deciding to enroll in a certain college or university.

US New Facebook Live presents an opportunity for parents and students to get first hand information regarding these topics. Enquiries can be done through email or by phone. However, this makes it impossible to make real time follow up questions and to ask for clarifications. Through the Facebook Live question and answer activity, parents and students can air their concerns, discuss them with admission officers from different universities, according to US News.

The guests who will answer questions from students and parents will be the admission officers of different universities. They are from University of Rochester, Xavier University of Louisiana, University of Oregon and University of Alabama. As admission officers, they are in the best position to explain the admission requirements and policies of their school. They can also give parents and students a clear picture of what to expect from the schools that they represent.

Facebook Live Page provides opportunities for Facebook users such as US News Facebook Live to share videos and engage its followers. On April 7, students and parents may join the Prince George's County National College Fair. With Facebook Live, the question and answer portion will be an active exchange of information. The audience can make follow up questions or ask for clarifications and get an answer right away, according to Adweek.

The US News Facebook Live event illustrates how the use of social media can be used for information dissemination. It is effective, fast and free.

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