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Elon Musk Creates 'The Matrix' Company; Linking Brains to Computers


It seems space exploration is not enough; Elon Musk created a new firm that aims to connect the human brain to computers. Neuralink is a new medical research company that could possibly make "The Matrix" real. The technology will work under "neural lace" technology, which Musk coined himself.

Musk is known to base his projects on science fiction, and the "neural lace" technology is inspired by the "Culture" series penned by British novelist Iain M. Banks, ARS Technica reported. Characters in those books have semi-organic mesh imbedded on their cerebral cortexes allowing them to connect wirelessly with artificial intelligence and develop backups of their minds. In those novels, people are made immortal with the help of neural lace as they are revived after dying through accessing the last backup mind.

Elon Musk isn't after immortality with his new Neuralink, but claims that it could treat depression and epilepsy. This new technology will resemble the current implants that are used for treating patients with Parkinson's. This technology can regulate electrical activity that goes on in the brain.

Musk said in an interview that the best outcome between machines and humans would be a united lifestyle where all are AI, Daily Mail UK reported. This possibility would make sure that an "evil dictator AI" will not happen, he said. This lets anyone interested become an "AI-human symbiote."

This system is like the relation between the limbic system and the human brain's cortex, Musk said. The limbic system, which is the instinct, and the cortex, which is the thinking part, works well together. He said that by linking the cortex and the digital extension of the human, which is limited by bandwidth, people can become "AI-human symbiote."

Elon Musk recently predicted that the increasing use of machines in the work place could lead to job displacement and a possible "universal basic income" for all of humankind.

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