College Admissions: Helpful Facts for Soon-to-be Freshman Students


The college applications process is now coming to a close, and most colleges and universities across the country are preparing to announce the applicants that they have decided to accept. Almost all of these schools are also making use of two metrics to measure student quality : the cumulative high school GPA, and the composite score on ACT.

However, these measures are not perfect, according to the New York Times. But it is better to be aware of the things that most institutions use to predict the students they are more likely to accept so that soon-to-be freshman students will be able to know the areas they need to focus on. While most colleges still need to make simple improvements when it comes to college admissions process, here are some points for soon-to-be freshman students to get started.

Start as early as possible

Starting early is very important, according to The Watchdog, and it is okay to start even with the small details like considering which college to apply for, securing recommendation letters, and making a list of the requirements of the college or university.

Have a broader perspective when choosing the right college

It is perfectly okay to have a top school in mind, but it is a lot better to have a wider range of choices, according to Woman's Day. Many schools offer the academic opportunities that each student is looking for and it will be better if they have broader perspective to figuring out the ones that can really fit their needs.

Get feedback and seek for help

There are ways online for the applicants to check and have their essays reviewed. They can sign up online on these sites and submit their essays and they will be receiving feedback and comments on how else they can improve their work.

Take time to double check everything

Before submitting final documents, it is important to make sure that everything has been double checked, including the typo and grammar errors. Make sure that everything is flawless, and that all requirements are complete before sending them over. Also make sure that all facts stated in the application are correct and true.

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