New Study Suggests That Cancer Is Caused By Normal DNA Mistakes


Apparently, cells commit random errors too and it happens more often than we think. Doctors at the Johns Hopkins University claimed on Thursday that cancer is mainly caused by (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) DNA mistakes. Interestingly, these genetic errors are responsible for more cancerous situations than family history.

The Kimmel Cancer Center unveiled that only 5 percent of cancerous situations are hereditary. In 2015, the same team said that "bad luck" is to blame for the fatal disease. For one thing, it works like random draw lots because it happens by chance.

According to, new cells are formed when an existing cell divides and copies its DNA. Three independent mutations occur simultaneously during this process. Unfortunately, errors sometimes hit the wrong spot and damage the genes resulting in cancerous growth.

Nevertheless, patients now have the answer to the disheartening question: "Why me?" At least, these people will understand why they still got sick even if they have no relatives with the same illness. Dr. Bert Vogelstein, a co-author of the recent study, said that people have to know that these cancers would have occurred no matter what they did to prevent them.

Moreover, the damaged cells are also capable of multiplying themselves, permitting the gradual build-up of the disease. This is the exact reason why health risks increase with age. For the record, the damage is caused by either environmental factors or random copy errors. The former includes cigarette smoke and UV light while the other takes place no matter how healthy we live.

On the other hand, per the Daily Mail, the study noted that the environment only plays 29 percent of the cancerous mutations. The remaining two-thirds are due to the random copying errors. Bert Vogelstein, co-director of the Ludwig Center, assured that there is no reason to panic because "most of the time, these mutations do not do any harm."

In fact, it takes multiple mutations to turn cells into tumors. Additionally, most diseases are preventable if people take protective steps. Foremost, stay away from too much radiation then eat a healthy diet. Lastly, regular exercise really helps reduce mutation mistakes.

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