Snapdragon 835 CPU Test Score Reveals Apple A10 is Relatively Worse than Qualcomm's Chip


Snapdragon 835 was being tested and compared to its older siblings, the 820 and 821 series, also to the one powering the iPhone 7. Here's the detail!

Apple A10 chip performance compared to Snapdragon 835

After comparing Snadragon 835 with its older siblings, the crowds are curious whether it could lead ahead of Apple's A10 chip. The 835 chip was used to power a prototype device and it won against A10. Apple's latest processor reportedly lacks behind Snapdragon 835 when it comes to dealing with complex task, as per result from Geekbench, according to Forbes.

The Snapdragon 835 is one powerful chipset and Qualcomm claims that the silicon is capable of powering VR features as well as dual-camera module in a mobile device.

However, the result doesn't mean that it is better than the one in iPhone 7 due to the differences in operating system and hardware choices. Unless both perform the same code, it would be hard to determine which one has the best performance.

Snapdragon 835 and 820 comparison: Benchmark scores

On paper, Snapdragon 835 is literally better and faster than the 820 silicon. Reports have claimed that it is around 25 percent faster than the latter when used for the same task. Qualcomm's newest SoC is a robust processing chip with 40 percent higher GPU performance.

Furthermore, the 835 beats up 820 easily as it shows 30 percent higher performance in GFXBench, and Kirin 960 needs to do more efforts to be on par, according to Android Police.

When compared to 821, the octa-core processor has a higher clock speed with the multi-core CPU test showing a slightly better result. These scores are based on the reference design but not in a real smartphone.

Snapdragon 835-powered smartphones

The first device launched with Qualcomm fastest chip is Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Rumor has it that the chip will power a few premium flagships this year, including Galaxy S8, Pixel 2, Mi Mix 2 and Nokia 8.

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