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Ways Technology In Education Helps Improve Student's Performance [VIDEO]


Technology continues to grow. The gathering and sharing of information on public domain novels, variety of subject and up-to-date scientific information advances as well. Technology is the new host of new tools and methods that can be used to improve learning. Forbes Technology Council shared 8 ways on how technology can improve education.

First is that technology teaches with open-source resources. It helps level the playing fields between the rich and the poor.

Second is the rise of online educational platforms from the best universities in the world. Colleges start to provide real degrees to students for finishing online courses. Algorithms are known to help students learn faster and finish more often.

Third, video games have become a great source of entertainment and engagement to people. They can be an outstanding way to motivate people to learn, just as long as it is handled the right way.

Fourth, technology regulates interactions. Kids need easy access to information but also needs to be monitored. Parents can make better decisions about how much children interact with simulations.

Fifth, kids instinctively teach themselves how to use technology. Students can demonstrate they've assimilated new concepts and lessons by communicating them to others using the same tech they learn with.

Sixth, use technology sparingly and only when appropriate. There are instances that technology is used in the classroom to improve educational process, but end up as a distraction from the lesson. There's a right time to use tech and it needs to compliment or enable learning.

Seventh, more schools have switched to tablet learning and coursework submission at all levels. Both kids and adult love to use tablets and it is more conducive to real learning, especially with virtual reality.

Lastly, higher education institutions face many challenges, such as financial constraints, small IT teams and increased competition, which is why it is important that they have high-end IT options.

According to Forbes, remote monitoring and management, strong security postures and automating manual tasks are key enablers to higher education success. Education system should have  access to affordable high-end IT innovations as well.

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