Hot Bath Therapy Vs Excercise: The Benefits Are Almost The Same


Scientists have discovered that enjoying hot baths can give the same benefits as doing exercise. This is after a study made to measure metabolism showed same levels of calories burned between the two activities.

As reported by the Discover Magazine, researchers from Loughborough University was able to measure the number of calories burned during a hot bath and exercise and show similar results. According to the results, an hour of soaking in 40-degree Celsius bath would burn calories similar to a half an hour walk.

The method is called Passive heating and it is a relatively new medical study, which aims to help people who are unable to be actively participating in locomotive exercises. The first study concerning Passive heating was made in 1999 at McKee Medical Center in Colorado by Philip Hooper. The study yielded information that through passive heating, sugar levels is decreased. The study also showed improvements in sugar levels, body weight and cardiovascular health.

Subsequent studies on passive heating also showed that bathing in hot water relieves arterial blood pressure. This is achieved by the rapid increase in body temperature while submerged in hot water compared to exercise. Other studies also show frequent trips to hot baths can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Though this is good news for people fond of saunas, it is definitely not the ultimate alternative for physical exercise. As traditional therapists would say, doing daily walks and jogging can effectively lower cholesterol levels considerably and it is still the best method of staying fit. Passive heating is another activity that can supplement a fitness routine of anyone. Thus it is suggested to have some time allotted for taking hot baths, which is among the popular activity in countries like Japan, which incidentally is the country with the longest life expectancy.

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