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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Stocks 5,400 Pounds Of Science; Inside Revealed


The Dragon Capsule has landed carrying with it 5,400 pounds worth of cargo and science from outer space. SpaceX' Dragon Capsule touched down in the Pacific Ocean after a month's worth of haul at the ISS. Are the researches as promising as they seem to be?

The research of life-saving drugs and more biological studies that the Dragon carried will be handed over to NASA. It's loaded with test samples of Microgravity Expanded Stem Cells investigation, which can help researchers understand how cancer growth is fuelled after exposure from zero-gravity, Fortune reported.

Another test sample is from the Tissue Regeneration- Bone Defect study, which explains how weightlessness affects bone and tissue regrowth. According to Patrick O'Neill Center of Advancement of Science in Space spokesperson, the vas majority of the Dragon Capsule will go to Houston first before the researches will be disseminated to the researchers, Daily Breeze reported.

However, some of the volatile and time-sensitive researches will head out to the researchers right away. The absence of gravity or microgravity outside the Earth's atmosphere makes it possible for researchers to study on life sciences that simply can't be done back here on Earth.

The Dragon Capsule's launch just shows the extreme conditions of outer space which are given highlight by the different researchers conducted out there. The US National lab is a unique venue for breakthrough technology that will benefit mankind on Earth. The stem cell research for example can only be conducted in the outer space because microgravity allows accelerated expansion, which is believed to accelerate the recovery of stroke patients.

Other than that, the researchers also looked at the other effects of microgravity. These include the speed of wound healing, muscle contraction, mutation of future antibiotic resistant bacteria. In outer space, researchers can observe how bacteria like MRSA can mutate fast in the presence of microgravity.

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