University Of Arizona Students will Shout 'Ouch!' If Offended; Why This Effort is Horrible


University of Arizona takes curbing stereotyping up a notch to the tune of $214,000 to teach students to shout "ouch!" and its faculty to say "oops!". While this may be a groundbreaking approach to respond to an offensive speech from classmates or faculty members, most students were more offended. That's because the ouch/oops initiative pays one man to develop diversity and inclusion themed programs and it's ludicrous.

The college of Humanities from the University of Arizona has launched an ouch/oops program that teaches students to speak out when offended and teaches faculty members to acknowledge that they have offended. The guidelines for this initiative were published in handbook distributed to teachers - "Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Classroom," Breitbart reported.

In the handbook, it is indicated that students will say "ouch" if they have been offended by their fellow classmates or by their teachers. Offenders on the other hand have to say "oops" to acknowledge that their words have offended others.

The new handbook was prepared by one man, Jesus Trovino, the Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence of the university. And already critics are finding the initiative ridiculous, especially because the university has to pay Trovino $214,000 a year to develop a 20-page handbook like this one.

There are recommendations for students from this university to shut their checkbooks in order to stop paying for programs like this. Some even pointed out that the faculty from this institution used to teach students how to think, analyze, discern, etc. One even commented that Trovino's annual pay is an offense in itself that students' should shout "ouch" for.

The handbook, as The Blaze reported, is a document that is intended to guide and address difficult topics and promote free speech inside the classroom. It's basically going to create a safe space for students who want to debate challenging topics. The handbook is specifically crafted for students of color, who are the general recipients of offense from universities all across the US.

University of Arizona is not the first American university to implement the ouch/oops initiative. Other universities such as Illinois State University, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Texas A&M University have implemented the same.

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