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Mar 20, 2017 08:44 AM EDT

'ARK Survival Evolved': 4 New Creatures Named; Currently Exclusive to PS4

"ARK Survival Evolved" v255 update is now available for PlayStation 4 users with additional TEK Technology and four new dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, Xbox One owners would have to wait a little longer before they get the same "ARK Survival Evolved" v255 update. It is expected to arrive "very, very soon", according to Studio Wildcard. On the other hand, the PC version was already released earlier this month.

'ARK Survival Evolved': TEK complete set

According to VG24/7, the "ARK Survival Evolved" v255 update will feature a complete set of fresh TEK Tier Tech. For one thing, it showcases new TEK building structures, a TEK forcefield, and personalized TEK Autodoors. The latter is expected to add more finishing touch to a player's base.

To better illustrate, TEK Tier is a surplus of end-game structures and equipment using "very advanced" technology. It was first launched on January 30 this year. All TEK Tier products, including those in the "ARK Survival Evolved", need Element and Black Pearls for crafting. The former is obtainable by defeating Bosses.

Meanwhile, base personalization options are also available in the "ARK Survival Evolved" v255 update. Additionally, fresh Survivor cosmetic options such as hairstyle and beard designs could be seen. Indeed, Studio Wildcard is a step ahead of its competitors because of this latest content upgrade for consoles.

4 New Dinosaurs: 'ARK Survival Evolved'

According to Game Rant, the most notable feature of the "ARK Survival Evolved" update is the addition of four new creatures. These beings only add to the game's already expansive dinosaur list.

First is the Electrophorus Beluadomito. It belongs to the species Knifefish, which releases electric charge to zap its prey. The common victims of the Electrophorus are smaller fishes and eels. Second is the Microraptor Gnarilongus. It basically appears like a bird with a reptile face. This dinosaur has the tendency to attack humans.

Meanwhile, the third creature is called the Ammonitina Multiamicus. It somehow copies a nautilus, but a much bigger type. Interestingly, all attacks against the Ammonitina provoke the wrath of all other sea creatures. Lastly, the Thylacoleo Furtimorsus is a native predator in the redwood forests. It is described to be a "marsupial lion".

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