YouTube Drops 10K Requirement, Users Can Now Do Mobile Live Streaming; Learn How [Video]

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Fast becoming a popular feature on YouTube, mobile live streaming, however, has one major limitation. To be able to use the feature, a channel needs to have more than 10,000 subscribers. Not anymore.

Users have been reporting that YouTube seems to have dropped the 10,000-subscriber requirement without any announcement regarding such. According to Digital Trends, the limitation is now no longer in effect, and several users reported they were able to do mobile live streaming.

Mobile Live streaming was made available to apps in February, but there was a requirement that the user's channel must have 10,000 or more subscribers to it. However, subscribers are reporting that they can now live stream directly from their phones using the YouTube app even if they have less than the prescribed amount of subscribers.

Users have also noticed that similar changes are now applied to iOS YouTube app. It looks as though YouTube is on the move to extend mobile live streaming to everyone, following what Facebook and Twitter have been doing.

According to one Twitter user, he was able to do mobile live streaming on YouTube despite the fact that he only has about 3,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Apparently, he is not the only one, Android Authority reported. Some users have tried to go live and reported they were successful.

However, some users are perplexed by this turn of events as there in no official announcement made by Google regarding the matter at hand. Accordingly, YouTube's support page still maintains that a channel must have more than 10,000 subscribers for it to be eligible to use mobile live streaming on the popular video platform.

Speculations are ripe that Google and YouTube might have lowered the number requirement for a channel to be able to do mobile live streaming since there are also reports of others not being able to do so. However, there are reports that channels with as low as 2,700 subscribers were able to verify the feature to be available to them.

It seems that there may still be a minimum number of subscribers needed be met, before one can do mobile live streaming on YouTube. This could signify that Google is opening up the feature to everyone, however, the new parameters for eligibility are still cloudy at this point, what is clear is that the 10,000 requirement to go live is no longer in effect.

Check out the YouTube channel featured below. It gives instructions on how you can do mobile live streaming on YouTube. Notably, the channel only has 2,700+ subscribers as of this writing.

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