Google Home Is Free If You Buy LG G6, Other Goodies Also Being Offered By Carriers


The wait is almost over for the LG G6. Reports have stated that the long-awaited device will be available on the market through various carriers beginning April 7.

Pre-order for the LG G6 kicks off today with all four major US carriers carrying LG's latest flagship. T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint will have the unit available as scheduled on April 7, while those on Verizon will be able to acquire the LG G6 a week earlier, on March 30, according to PC World.

Because of LG's desire for customers to have its latest flagship, it will be giving away complimentary Google Home's free. All carriers are reportedly joining in the free Google Home deal. All purchases of the LG G6 by April 30 would make said customer eligible to get a free Google Home through LG's promo site, according to The Verge.

T-Mobile will sell the LG G6 for $26 a month for 24 months. An additional down payment of $26 may be required, which brings the total price to $650. AT&T will offer the device at $24 a month for 30 months, or $720 in total. Additionally, AT&T will also throw in an additional phone unit free for those who will avail themselves of a second line.

Accordingly, the deal also comes in the form of credits over 30 months for the value of the G6. Additionally, AT&T is also cutting deals for the LG Watch Sport, which can be had for $50 if customers would sign up for a two-year contract; this deal alone gives $200 worth of savings.

Sprint customers who would sign up for a two-year plan can avail the LG G6 for $29.50, $708 in total. For a limited time, Sprint will also offer a free 49-inch LG 1080p HDTV, retailing for $350. The LG G6 is available for $597.60 at US Cellular, however, customers can avail of the promotional credit of $297.60, bringing the price down to $300 if they sign up for a 30-month installment plan.

Check out details about the LG G6 in the video below.

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