LG G5 Modular Design Dropped; LG G6 Returning To Integrated Standard [VIDEO]


After failing to generate sales with the modular structure of the LG G5, the company is discontinuing the modular structure design for its new smartphone.

LG released its G5 smartphone earlier this year, which is said to be the best execution of the modular design concept. Unfortunately, the design did not catch on, and as a result, the G5 did not sell well.

The unit failed to attract buyers with its range of add-on modules like its 360-degree camera, physical camera controls, improved speakers, which probably contributed why the unit flopped in the market. Due to this, LG decided to return to the standard integrated smartphone design, dropping support for modules, according to Slash Gear.

LG Electronics said that they are no longer applying the modular structure for their new Smartphone called the G6, whihc is expected to be released in 2017. Etnews Korea IT News reported that LG is currently developing the new G6 to have an integrated structure just like their previous models.

While the LG G5 modular design was revolutionary, users were turned off by having to swap out its modules to take advantage of the phone's features. Another factor that contributed to its unpopularity is that these modules were expensive, as each module costing as much as $200 each.

The G5 had a detachable bottom part where users can attach additional devices such as an audio or camera module. Unfortunately for LG, the curiosity failed to meet sales expectations. Even LG Electronics admitted to the failure and heads involved in the development of the G5 rolled.

LG Electronics is worried from losing consumer confidence in reasserting itself by returning to the industry standard of an integrated unit. The fear is substantial, considering a possible backlash from those already owning the G5 since their modules will no longer be compatible with units they will release in the future.

LG said that they will introduce new features not seen before in their LG smartphones, details of which is not yet available. The LG G6 has a tentative release date of April 2017.

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