Cisco Introduces Burst Of Upgrades To Boost And Simply Management Of Its HyperFlex Systems [VIDEO]


IT giant Cisco this week announced new capabilities for its HyperFlex Systems portfolio. The IT networking service also reinforces its HyperFlex hyperconvergence system with a new management feature. Cisco made the huge announcement this week.

According to American Security Today, which got the full details of the HyperFlex story, the San Jose, California-based networking company has been busy beefing up its HyperFlex converged server infrastructure platform this week to boost its cloud and data center capabilities.

The newly released Cisco HyperFlex HX 2.5 systems will now be able to benefit from the all-flash storage and a 40 Gbps Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) fabric. Before, Cisco's HyperFlex systems had only a 10 Gbps UCS fabric and spinning disks, but this week, things are about to change for Cisco. HyperFlex is getting some big boost, Cisco is adding a burst of upgrades to boost and simplify management of its Cisco HyperFlex systems.

For a starter, Cisco HyperFlex system is a proven IT solution that unifies networking and servers like no other in the industry. It combines innovative software-defined storage and data services software with Cisco UCS to deliver operational simplicity, better user experience, more efficient scaling options and unmatched hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

Additionally, Cisco also revealed validated test results that truly demonstrate the HyperFlex's unmatched application performance for its HCI, according to Yahoo Finance. Cisco first entered the fast-growing hyperconverged arena last year with products that included the HX Data Platform along with some state drives and spinning disks from server clusters.

Today, Cisco is making a major salvo in the hyperconverged industry, with its latest moves that integrate the Cisco HX Data Platform, a distributed file system built specifically for HCI clusters, with low-latency Cisco UCS fabric to deliver IO consistency and impressive performance.

The company's HX Data and HyperFlex systems are now extensible to support a wide range of hypervisors, bare metal, and containerized environments. Then, there another one, HyperFlex will also be included in Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure SDN, and hybrid cloud and multi-cloud orchestration, which means that any future support made for Cisco ACI will result in an SDN that provides a fully automated, policy-based network deployment.

In addition to the HX Data Platform and Application Centric Infrastructure SDN, the San Jose-based company has also introduced an upgraded version of management platform featuring a new HyperFlex Connect system for orchestrating clusters. Cisco is also integrating HyperFlex with Cisco's UCS Director to help enable orchestration of UCS server clusters.

Meanwhile, Cisco has also addressed hybrid IT space and made some big announcement that Cisco HyperFlex will now integrate with Cisco Cloud Center technology, which was first added to the Cisco technology when the company acquired CliQr Technologies in 2016.

For more information about Cisco HyperFlex and its new capabilities, check out the Cisco Official Blog.

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