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Apple Watch 3 May Be Announced With the iPad Pro This Month: Circle Or Square Final Reveal


The Apple Watch 3 has been highly anticipated after numerous rumors, leaks and patents pointed to its imminent arrival. The latest wearable from Cupertino is expected to keep its overall square-faced design with emphasis on battery and overall performance instead, but consumers are still hoping for a more conventional circular design.

There have been conflicting reports on the Apple Watch sales with the International Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker indicating a 71 percent drop in Apple Watch sales for the third quarter of 2016. However, the latest IDC data shows that Apple posted noteworthy figures at the end of 2016 and confirming what Tim Cook said that its wearables are doing "great." Nonetheless, the overall trend shows a decline in wearable sales seen also in Samsung, Huawei and even Motorola with Xiaomi as the only one posting huge leaps. This led to various expectations that the Cupertino-based giant may release an Apple Watch 3 filled with the latest innovation to recapture interest in the declining wearable market.

Moreover, the Apple Watch 3 is expected to deviate from current design seen in the first and second series by adopting a circular face design. This actually runs contrary to what the Apple head of design, Jony Ive, said in speaking to The New Yorker. Ive says that the smartwatch contains lists, making a square design ideal and a circle one "does not make sense," LearnBonds reported. However, a circular patent design filed in June 2015 may be indicative of a shift as researchers revealed that a circular face is more appealing and could boost sales.

More details may be revealed towards the end of this month as reliable supply chain analysts claim that Apple will unveil new products from March 20 to 24. The Apple Watch 3 will be announced along with three variants of the iPad Pro 2 lineup as reported by MacRumors. Whether Apple will go square or bow down to pressure and go for circle will finally be revealed in a few days.

In the meantime, here are some of the reported specs on the third iteration of Apple's popular wearable as listed by Droid Report. The Apple Watch 3 will have a 1.65-inch display still with OLED though reports say that Apple may also use Micro-LED panels that have a brighter display and is more energy efficient. It will also feature a 390x312 resolution since the second generation failed to provide a crisp display. Moreover, it will feature glass film-touchscreen and not the previous touch-on-lens, which are difficult to do.

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