The Truth About The Waiting Phase In The College Admissions Process


The months of February and March are all about the world of college admissions process, not only for the students, but also for parents, families and admissions officers. College applicants anxiously wait to hear back from their top college or university choice.

So while students are waiting for that good news of earning a spot at their number 1 college, here are actually some things that they need to know about the entire waiting game to relieve them of the tension, anxiety and stress.

The hard work is finally over

As soon the final application is sent, it is actually finally the time to celebrate, because according to Today, the hard work, the leg work of the entire process is finally done. It is natural to feel nervous, hopeful and anxious before the acceptance and rejections, but that's it. The best thing to do next is to savor it.

Avoid talking about it

Just think about the college application as a huge project which needs to be let go of when it is done. There is no point in rechecking submitted applications and essays because all of them have already been sent. It is also now advisable to keep on talking about children's college choice, this goes out to the parents.

Utilize the waiting time for wrapping up campus visits

According to US News, while waiting, it is better to make use of the time to do wrap up with campus visits and do more research so that when acceptance letters (or rejections) start coming in, it will be a lot easier to pick a college.

Give time for the schools to respond

It should not take about longer than three weeks. After three weeks and there are no responses, it will be safe to make a call just to double check. There are times when the school does not receive their completed application so an earlier follow up will be better.

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