The Jacquard Jacket: All there is to Know about Levi's and Google's Wearable Project; Perfect for Bike Commuters


The Jacquard Jacket is the most practical wearable one really needs. It doesn't promise to be life changing or be the most cutting-edge technology on the market. These are the qualities that make it absolutely perfect, according to reports, especially to bike commuters and people who love the denim style that Levi's offers.

Levi's new smart jacket is bold, practical, and stylish, The Verge reported. It stands out from the rest of the wearables because it doesn't have the drawbacks that most wearables have, which are: expensive, ugly, and unnecessary. The Jacquard Jacket is a promising form of wearable.

The Jacquard Jacket is a baby of Levi's and Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group. They have created conductive fibers, which are woven directly to the clothing. That means, if the wearer makes motions on the left sleeve, it will register as a command or touch inputs.

These touch inputs will then be sent via Bluetooth to the wearer's smartphone. Specifically, the Jacquard Jacket can be used to change Spotify songs or be given map updates while riding a bike. That's basically it.

It doesn't promise to help you healthier or sexier, or even try to make you technology savvy over others. In fact, it doesn't promise to be anything than it is - a smart jacket. It's just for practical uses especially when you're on the go.

The release date for the Jacquard Jacket has been pushed back to fall this year, rather than spring as it was originally planned, 9to5Google reported. It will be prices than regular denim Levi's jacket at $350.

It makes accessing your Spotify music folders easier as opposed to doing it on the Apple Watch while riding a bike. The tech of the Jacquard Jacket is on the sleeve, which is removable. That means you can wash and wear the Jacquard Jacket.

Finally, the Jacquard Jacket finds a way to make integrating technology with your day to day life easier. The fact that the jacket acts as an invisible screen is the game changer of all. The Jacquard Jacket will never put your life at risk.

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