MIT Introduces The Marvel Superhero Who Delivers Admission Letters


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT has a yearly tradition where they make admission videos to welcome new students. This year is even better and more special because a Marvel superhero is delivering the admission letters to the students.

In the short clip, viewers are introduced to a young, beautiful student at MIT. She looks like your regular student - attending classes every day, taking notes and exams. After classes, however, the student is doing some secret, personal project which, in the end, turned out to be a special suit. She then went to MIT's admissions head and took the metal tube that contains the admission letters. She then flew to deliver the tubes to students.

The video has a tagline which says that "not all heroes wear capes, but some carry tubes (Pi Day 2017). The reference to Pi Day was not accidental because it coincides with the MIT tradition of sending out admission letters.

The young student turned out to be Riri Williams aka Ironheart, who first debuted in the May 206 issue of the Invisible Iron Man. In the story, Williams was a young engineering student at MIT who built her own Iron Man costume using the Iron Man costume she stole as model. Instead of getting angry or offended, Tony Stark was impressed, especially after she caught some inmates who escaped.

Last year, Marvel announced that Tony Stark is retiring as Iron Man and allowing another superhero to use the armor, which turned out to be Ironheart. After taking the suit from Iron Man, the engineering prodigy reverse-engineered it in her dorm.

Meanwhile, MIT had really raised the bar for its admissions video and it would be interesting to see who will be featured in the new video next year.

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