College Admissions: Getting Into College Is Now Easier, A Surprise For Most Students


There are always news and headlines about how the number of applications spike in prestigious colleges which trigger fear among many students. In reality, it is actually easier to get into these colleges than the previous years.

What many students do not realize is that getting into a good college today is a lot easier , and will become so in the coming years, according to the Hechinger Report. It is important to correct this mindset because it is one of the reasons why students do not bother to apply anymore or settle for lower quality schools, when they could have actually been accepted to much better institutions.

If you want to attend college, pursue higher education and obtain a degree, you will certainly be able to do it, according to News&Record. The reality is that colleges and universities are not really that selective and even if there are those which are very hard-to-get-into institutions, they only comprise a very small percentage of the entire number of schools. There are still plenty of great schools to choose from.

In fact, it will even be easier to get into college in the coming years as there will less high school graduates until 2023. And because there will be fewer high school graduates, colleges and universities will be fighting over these graduates and parents and families might get to finally have the negotiating power. That's because these institutions compete with each other when it comes to the record number of applicants.

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center's Shapiro said that there's actually going to be more colleges looking for students, so getting into is not something students should be worried about.

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