Apple's iPhone 8 Delayed; Reasons for Tech Giant's Decade Anniversary Phone Hold-up Revealed


Apple's iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition, or iPhone X, the most-awaited smartphone in the industry, will be delayed. The good news is it will be released soon after the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be rolled out this year. The bad news is the original September 2017 timeline will not be followed.

It looks like fans of the Apple flagship iPhone will have to exercise a bit more patience as the iPhone 8 will not be rolled out as previously speculated, BGR reported. And the reasons for that have been revealed. According to independent sources, the promised high-end technology holds it back.

The iPhone 8 will be featuring new technologies of a high-end device. It will have an edgeless display and improved battery life. It will also house wireless charging and the first better version of facial recognition technology.

According to the independent sources, the facial recognition technology sets the release date of the iPhone 8 back. Because of the technology, the iPhone 8 will have an advanced 3D camera system powered by STMIelectronics. Previous reports have also aligned that this technology will finally pave the way for Apple's most sought after Augmented Reality technology and it just needs more time.

The STMIelectronics technology specifically needs plenty of time to produce camera modules. Since it's the first of its kind, it will undoubtedly have higher demands and it just might not be ready for launching come September. Simply put, Apple is not yet ready for an iPhone 8 mass production.

It's a real powerhouse and Apple wants to deliver it in complete packaging from skin to skeleton. Typically Apple announces a slew of new products in the month of September and rolls it out for the consumers a week later, Tom's Guide reported. But if the recent reports were to be true, Apple's iPhone 8 will not roll out before or during the latest versions of iPhone 7 will be released.

The reports have claimed that the iPhone 8 will still be announced in September except that it will not be shipped along with the other Apple products. Not much about the reported specs and components and even the price tag have changed. It's only the release date that excited consumers must be patient about.

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