‘Middle Earth: Shadow of War’ 16-Minute Glorious Gameplay Unveiled; Higher Stakes with New Nemesis System


"Middle Earth: Shadow of War" extended gameplay is finally unveiled and fans from the "Lord of the Rings" franchise just shit their pants. It was glorious; it was epic; it was the ultimate 16-minute video that shows how someone like you can become the new lord of the rings.

Three years ago, the world was introduced to an LOTR video game called "Middle Earth: shadow of Mordor," which was a huge hit both to diehard fans and critics. Now comes the age of the "shadow of War," which follows of a ranger called Talion and his unlikely ally Celebrimbor, an elfish spirit residing inside Talion's body, and their quest to conquer Mordor and defeat Sauron from within Nerdist reported. Together they forge a new Ring of Power in the mouth of Mount Doom.

Warner Bros. released the 16-minute extended gameplay and it shows Talion leading his forces against an enemy in Seregost. It is there that he was confronted with an old enemy, showcasing the game's Nemesis System.

The Nemesis System is one of the defining aspects of the game. Once an enemy defeats you or was defeated by you, that enemy will come back later in the game with a vengeance that will make it very difficult to defeat the second time around.

But the game can be played by making allies as well. In fact, the "Shadow of War" gameplay shows that two of Talion's fighters will come to his aid during battle. Once the battle is over, Talion must choose which of the two fighters he will reward, which will lead to the next part of the game as the hero takes over Mordor one enemy after the other.

It was epic, grand, and more, deserving to be an adaptation of the legendary franchise it was adapted from. "Shadow of War" succeeds in capturing the epic scale of "The Lord of the Rings," The Verge reported, and was in fact thought of as the "Terminator 2" to the "Terminator" of the developers.

The game focuses on larger scale battles, hoping to recreate the great "Return of the King" battle that fans have seen on the big screen. That was in fact the ambition of "Shadow of War" developers. Violence and brutality are present too, but developers have promised that "Shadow of War" has a lighter approach to those concepts.

"Middle Earth: Shadow of War" will be up for grabs come August 2017. Take a look at the extended gameplay video below:

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