Nintendo Switch Accessories: A Guide on What to Buy and Which Ones to Avoid


Nintendo Switch accessories have swamped the market as soon as the Switch did and this spells bad news for the uninformed. While it's an exciting new product to have, consumers need proper guidance on which accessories to actually buy and which ones to avoid at all costs.

One of the best Nintendo Switch accessories and one that every Nintendo Switch owners need, Fenix Bazaar reported, is the carry case. Nintendo Switch can be played anytime, anywhere, so naturally, owners need a protective carry case. There are several themed-carry cases in the market right now and if one is an avid Zelda: BOTW fan, there's a case that can show off one's dedication to the game.

There's also a screen protector that will protect the Switch's built-in screen for scratches and scuffs. It will give the Switch an insurance of keeping its brand new and nice quality regardless of how many times one swipes or slides his or her fingers on the console.

Another necessary Nintendo Switch accessory is a good headphone, Games Radar reported. A tiny pair of earphones will not do anyone's gaming experiences any good with the Switch. There are several good headphones for the Switch in the market that will not break the bank and will deliver impressive audio range.

Another really important accessory for Nintendo Switch that every tech gurus and pro gamers agree with is the Pro Controller. Switch owners will need a very solid gamepad for the big screens and the Pro controller is exactly that. Although the price is quite steep, it's suitable for long-gaming sessions to help while away time.

While there are suggested accessories, buyers need to take note of those that are advised against as well. Sticker decal, for example, is not just a waste of money, it will destroy the outer coating of the Joy-Con. Anything adhesive is not advisable for the Nintendo Switch.

Buying the Joy-Con Charging Grip is also not advisable. The Joy-Con has 20 hours battery life; it doesn't drain out that easily. They also charge the moment you attach them to the Switch, so buying a charging grip for the Nintendo switch Joy-Con is a total waste of money.

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