Apple AR in the Works; Company Hires 1,000 Engineers for iPhone 8 Augmented Reality Technology [Report]

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Tim Cook's dream of an Augmented Reality is finally on the works as Apple Inc reportedly hired 1,000 engineers to make it happen. These engineers are speculated to work on the AR technology for the iPhone 8 set for release this year. Exactly how they're going to make it happen is revealed through the advance features of the next iPhone's sophisticated camera.

If anything else can squash the doubt over Tim Cook's vision of bringing AR to the world, it's the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with their two 12-megapixels cameras. It's the precursor to the augmented reality promise that is yet to come. Now, Apple is reportedly taking more steps closer to making it happen by hiring 1,000 engineers specifically for the AR on iPhone 8.

Apple's naysayers will soon see Tim Cook's promise coming to fruition later this year, TNI reported. Not only will the new iPhone showcase an OLED display with enhanced 3D touch facility, it will also house the most powerful cameras that will make AR happen.

Over 1,000 engineers from Israel are reportedly working on bringing the AR technology to the next iPhone. While most of Apple Inc.'s competitors are still working on the VR service that the iPhone 6 and 7 series have already delivered, the competitors will eat the dust once more when this augmented reality technology comes out of the market.

Apple is hard at work to release their iPhone 8 or the iPhone X, as some tech gurus have dubbed it, because it will mark the iPhone's 10 years anniversary, Express UK reported. It will resemble a single sheet of glass, as Jony Ive, Apple's Chief Design Officer, has put it. But really, what will blow everyone's minds off are the features that are surface deep such as the AR technology.

The Apple AR technology will pave the way for users from miles away to interact as if they're standing right to each other. It will have video footages, CGI animation, GPS data, and more. Cook has always said it's a big idea for smartphones. If Apple will follow the schedule, the iPhone 8 or iPhone X is up for release by September this year.

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