iPhone 7 Plus The Most Popular From Apple; How Device Help Boost Apple Sales And Prepare The World For AR


Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is the most popular iPhone that Apple ever launched. It's even the most popular smartphone on the planet, beating competitors by a huge margin over the holidays quarter. Once the most mocked device on the planet, the iPhone 7 Plus defied all, especially because of its very powerful dual camera, the precursor of the AR that Tim Cook passionately talks about.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus the Most Popular Smartphone

Before the plus series was released, people have dubbed it "phablet" an amalgamation or an abomination that is neither a phone nor a tablet. And when the first Plus version as released, Apple gained a steady but a very small following. People were contented with a slightly larger phone they can watch videos on.

All that changed when iPhone 7 Plus was rolled out. It has dual rear-facing cameras, a very powerful pair, that lets users zoom objects closer than ever and lets users take portraits that look like a professional's work. The world loved it and purchased about 78.3 million devices, CNET reported.

iPhone 7 Plus and Augmented Reality

For years, Tim Cook has talked about augmented reality - a technology that's still absent from any of Apple's products. But the iPhone 7 Plus is the precursor of the things to come, BGR reported.

There's a leaked patent that suggests Apple is working on a technology that allows a device such as an iPhone 7 Plus and its successors to detect objects and project AR content on a display. In short, hose cameras are way too powerful for your dog's selfies.

The patent, which Apple acquired from Metaio, a German startup, specifically requires two cameras, like those found on iPhone 7 Plus for the AR technology to work. As usual, patents should be taken with a grain of salt as there's no guarantee that a company will roll out such. But it's apparent that all iPhone 7 Plus successors will come with dual cameras to deliver mobile experience to the users.

Other Smartphones Trail Behind

Apple iPhone 7 Plus is the biggest bet that Apple has for years. It accounted for Apple's first quarter sales, which puts the company's market value at $124.50 per. Android phones and other smartphone brands trail far behind. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are on number four and five spots, while Apple's iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and 6S took the numbers one, two, and three respectively.

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