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Jan 05, 2017 12:58 AM EST

NASA Announced New Frontier’s Groundbreaking Probe On Solar System’s 10 Million-Year Origin; Reportedly Cancelling Venus Exploration Over Jupiter’s Mysteries [VIDEO]


NASA has chosen two potential space probes that could open a new venue for discoveries specifically on the earliest era of the solar system right after the birth of the Sun.

Among five candidates, Space Probes Lucy and Psyche will be launched on 2021 and 2023, respectively. Associate Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen of NASA's Science Mission Directorate announced in Washington that Lucy targets to monitor Jupiter's mysterious Trojan Asteroids while Psyche will venture in a new world of metallic asteroids that has not been touched by science before, NASA published.

NASA aims to expand its horizons and bring a new field of discoveries in space exploration as part finding extraterrestrial life, habitable planet, and the solar system's origin.

Psyche for NASA 2023

Psyche 16 will be sent to the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. NASA wants to find out the mystery behind the metal asteroids composed mostly of iron and nickel. This intriguing finding suggests that a rocky planet with the same size as Mars used to revolved in this axis but lost its outer layers due to the heavy collision.  

Lucy for NASA 2021

NASA schedule Psyche Probe on 2021. Psyche will set on a journey to Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids. The unexplored hordes of Jupiter axis occupied L4 and L5 of Jupiter's orbit around the sun. NASA wanted to know whether these asteroids were captured within the Kuiper Belt or another truth must be uncovered.

For Harold F. Levison, Lucy Mission's Principal Investigator, this probe is a unique opportunity since Trojans are remains of primordial material found in outer planets. They might be holding the key to the discovery of uncovering the history of Solar System.

Venus, Jupiter Probe

Due to the cost these exploration demands, NASA is reportedly canceling its Venus Exploration on its volcanic surface and hot poles, Ars Technica claimed. However, Venus is still an option for the next New Frontier Mission.

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