‘Overwatch’: 24th Hero Orisa Finally Revealed; Unpopular Bastion's Buff to Be Rolled Back


After much speculation in the course of two weeks, "Overwatch's" 24th her is finally revealed to be Orisa.

"Overwatch" new hero: Orisa

Orisa is a tank character whose prime function is protection and serves as the central anchor of her team. Among her armaments, Orisa has a Fusion Driver, apparently her main weapon. It is a projectile weapon capable of delivering sustained damage; however, dispensing the weapon causes her movement to slow down as she fires it.

Orisa can also temporarily Fortify herself that reduces the damages she takes. Additionally, once fortified, she cannot be affected by action-impairing effects.

She can also discharge a graviton charge called Halt! Once Halt is detonated causes enemies to slow down and pulled towards the explosion. Orisa also has a Protective Barrier, much like a force field that can protect her and her allies. She can also elevate damages dealt by her allies to enemies by deploying Supercharger, however, once activated it has to remain in her line of sight to effect maximum damage, according to her Official Hero Page.

Orisa is not yet playable at this time and the date for her release has not been announced. However, she can be tried out on the PC version's public test realm, Gamespot reported.

"Overwatch" Bastion

After receiving an update recently, Bastion became the subject of complaints from "Overwatch" players. Bastion apparently received a major boost after a few weeks of testing on the PTR. According to players, Bastion has become literally unkillable.

The "Overwatch" update this week allowed Bastion to heal while on the move, and apparently continuously even when taking damage. The imbalanced update caused a spike in his usage, with players reacting that he has become too powerful.

To this, "Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan responded lengthily via the game's forums. The gist of which is, he will just have to roll them down a bit.

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