Bolivia Shouts "Foul!" for 'Ghost Recon Wildlands'; Here’s Why The Bolivian Nation Really Feels Insulted

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Bolivia is crying foul over "Ghost Recon Wildland's" depiction of the country. Its government has officially filed a formal complaint to La Paz French embassy. Apparently, even though Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon Wildlands" has a well-received critical reception and massive fan appreciation, it left a bad taste in Bolivia's mouth.

The game "Ghost Recon Wildlands" follows a story of a Mexican drug cartel that muscled its way towards Bolivia, IGN reported. It's not based on any real life events but the game turned the country into a narco-state and the world's biggest cocaine producer.

Carlo Romero, Bolivia's Interior Minister, has asked the French government to intervene. Romero believes that his country has sufficient legal grounds to raise a lawsuit but stated that they must first observe and conduct diplomatic negotiations. If the French will respond favorable, a lawsuit will most likely not happen.

Ubisoft impressed that "Ghost Recon Wildlands" is only a work of fiction and that Bolivia was chosen not because of the violent narco-politics that it doesn't have, but because the country was the perfect setting for the game. Bolivia has magnificent landscapes and also has a very rich culture. Ubisoft said the premise of the game is totally different from what Bolivia is now, and what they're trying to achieve was to show how beautiful the country's topography is to the rest of the world, Reuters reported.

Ubisoft has further stated that "Ghost Recon Wildland" closed and open betas were able to attract over 6 million players. They're not saying that it could be because of the beautiful country setting, but they're also not denying that it could be a huge factor.

The truth is Bolivia is the third largest producer of coca leaves. This is the main ingredient used to produce cocaine. Bolivia trails behind Colombia and Peru, which are the world's top and secondary producers of the illegal stimulant cocaine.

It isn't clear what the Bolivian Government is asking the French Embassy to do. Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon Wildlands" is up for release 7 March.

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