Docker Beefs Up Its Open Source Container Engine; New Container Secrets Management Solution Added


The popular container technology platform Docker is getting some big boost. Docker this week released an updated version of its industry-leading open source and commercial container platform, adding new security features to help safeguard privileged access information.

Docker Announces New Security Features
According to TechCrunch, the company is beefing up its open source Docker container engine and its commercially supported Docker Datacenter with enhancing new security features designed to safeguard container secrets.

Secret stuff such as access tokens, API keys, passwords and other privileged access information are required for any container applications and their safe operational management is critical to the company's security compliance strategies and data integrity.

The previously released container engine Docker 1.13 container engine, according to eWeek, features a secrets management capabilities that have been further enhanced in the newly updated container engine Docker 1.13.1 which just introduced this week.

In addition to the newly updated container engine, Docker is also bringing the latest secrets management capability to the company's flagship commercial platform Docker Datacenter, which was first released in February 2016.

The latest update will now include a container-native secrets management solution that will ensure the security of production-grade applications and also allows developers to safely make API keys and other privileged access information available to their applications without having to use a third-party service.

Developers can read the full details about Docker Secrets Management at Docker's official blog site. Docker's Secrets Management is currently available in the company's  Docker Datacenter as part of the updated Docker 1.13.1 release

Details About The Latest Security Updates
According to Nathan McCauley, Docker Security Director, the newly released secret management capability is the latest security upgrade that has been integrated into the Docker container platform. The update is also part of the company's ongoing effort to ensure the security and integrity of applications in the containerized environment, McCauley added.

McCauley also explained the big difference between the secrets management capability in the open-source container platform Docker 1.13.1 and in the commercial platform Docker Datacenter. McCauly said that in Docker Datacenter, access control has been added for the developers and IT admins that are interfacing with the system.

Additionally, the role-based access control in the Docker Datacenter can now be integrated with existing enterprise identity systems such as the Microsoft Active Directory.

Docker, Inc. is the company behind the open-source platform that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers. The open source platform have been downloaded more than 10 billion times and has been used on some of the world's most innovative organizations, including GE, the BBC, Goldman Sachs, Groupon, and more.

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