Meditation Gains Respect As A Beneficial Field of Science [Video]

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Meditation is now gaining acceptance as a field of science rather than just a trend among celebrities, therapists and scientists. Today, it has been elevated as another field of science rather than just a trend.

People who have been practicing meditation for years recorded their observations and experiences. Based on these data, they modified their techniques and approaches to those that brought the most benefits. They made revisions and improvements to the new body of knowledge that is emerging. Testimonials from people who practiced meditation were used to prove its worth. Today, scientific researchers are being conducted to gather evidence of its usefulness, according to Salon.

Meditation has not only brought liberation, mindfulness and enlightenment but scientific data on how it can be used in other fields especially in psychology and medicine.

One of the many benefits of meditation is that it makes a person feel calm and relaxed. People who tried using some meditation techniques felt calm and stress-free. One study revealed how it helped cure inflammations that can cause cancer, according to TRIB Live.

One recent study focused on the usefulness of meditation in helping patients that suffer from ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS is a condition in which the motor neurons of the central nervous system deteriorate. The muscles are not used anymore so it becomes wasted and the person may be paralyzed.

In this study, 100 patients were asked to participate in meditation training. The participants were asked to answer questionnaires after a period of time. The questionnaire was designed to assess quality of life of ALS patients. Results revealed that the patients that had undergone training scored high. The patients experienced reduced anxiety and depression levels. The study concluded that meditation helped those patients, according to Psych Central.

These research studies were just replications of past studies conducted on meditation. It is expected that more scientific researches will bring beneficial results.

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