Apple CEO Tim Cook Honors Steve Jobs By Quoting Stanford Commencement Speech


Apple CEO Tim Cook takes some time to remember one of the most memorable American inventors of all time, Steve Jobs. The Apple businessman passed away on Oct. 5, 2011 after losing the fight against pancreatic cancer.

It would have been Steve Jobs' 62nd birthday on Feb. 24. To celebrate the life of the industrial engineer, Tim Cook shares his sentiments using a quote from Jobs' Stanford commencement address. He honors Jobs by quoting him on life's passions.

In his Twitter post, Tim Cook states that "There is no reason not to follow your heart." This is the exact line from Jobs' commencement address where he tells the graduates about why they need to find what they love, as reported by Fortune.

During the same commencement address at Stanford, Jobs confesses about his battle with pancreatic cancer and how his view of life has changed. Steve Jobs, himself, has never graduated college which is why he had chosen to tell the Stanford graduates about specific stories of his life, as featured by Stanford.

He talks about how he dropped out of Reed College after the first six months. He also shared about how his family background also led him to the decisions he made as a young man. His own mother was an unwed college graduate that put him up for an adoption. The parents that initially wanted to adopt him were college educated until they decided they wanted a girl. So he landed on the laps of a mother that did not graduate from college with a dad that did not graduate from high school. He also told them about the calligraphy lessons he took from Reed College and used it to design his first Macintosh.

Ending his address, Steve Jobs tells the Stanford graduates to Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish - a line taken from a publication (The Whole Earth) he used to follow as a young boy.

Watch Steve Job's full commencement address at Stanford below:

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