Apple Watch 3 with New Exterior and A Most User-Convenient Feature Expected in Q3 2017

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Apple Watch 3 reportedly gets a Q3 2017 release date. The wearable will much evolve from its predecessor. Find out the detail here!

Apple Watch 3 Revamped

Aside from the MacBook Pro 2017, Apple is said to revamp its smartwatch series. The third gen Apple Watch is reportedly getting a new touch screen. The fans can expect a glass-film display. The news originally came from reputable media outlet, DigiTimes, which reported the shift to glass film was intended to for profitability goal.

Aside from the new display system, the wearable is said to have a convenient charging dock. A few rumors seem to solidly agree that the smartwatch will feature wireless charging, too.

Apple patent has been floating around the internet and the document reveals 'connector-free magnetic charger'. With the improvements of its battery department, Apple Watch 3 is expected to have a quick charging feature and users will be able to charge anywhere - at home or on the go.

This may not be a new thing as Samsung has already applied such docking system to its wearable. However, this would be one of fan-favorite features that they can't wait to see.

Apple will improve Siri in Apple Watch 3 - with more capabilities such as sending message or making a call.

Apple to introduce Watch 3 in Q3 2017

While the Digitimes said that the new touch panels will be shipped in Q2 2017, MacWorld went more detail by stating that Apple Watch 3 will debut in September 2017. By the time Apple introduces the third-gen wearable, the first series will reportedly be discontinued.

There is no official word from Apple regarding the rumors swirling around the web. Hence, the information should be taken with due caution.

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