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Pope Francis: "It's Better to Be an Atheist"; Eye-brow Raising Remarks Over the Years


Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, recently said another eye-brow raising remark during a sermon in his private mass. The pope said it's better to be an atheist; saying it's a better option than to be a scandalous, hypocritical Christian.

The pontiff who said plenty of eye-browsing remarks since his papacy delivered another blow to his flocks that are fond of saying one thing but do another. This is one of the reasons why he is so loved and so respected even by those who are not members of his church.

The State of Christianity Right Now

Pope Francis inherited the scandals that Pope Benedict XVI failed to address during his papacy. One of these scandals includes child molestations perpetrated by those who wear the holy garb, The Guardian reported.

When Pope Francis sat down in 2013, he's been urging his flocks to practice what the religion preaches. Recently he said that many of the 1.2 billion Catholics lead a double life, and it's nothing less than scandalous.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church says it's a scandal to live a double life, pointing out to those who say they're Catholics and that they go to mass, but exploit people or conduct dirty businesses.

Pope Francis over the years has been urging Catholics who are members of the mafia to be excommunicated. He also admonished his cardinals not to live like members of the royal family.

Pope Francis and Past Headliners

The pontiff has been relentless on his criticism about the wrongs that the Catholics practice, RT reported. Last year, he spoke about the "fakeness" of some Christians who talk too much about God but do little for other people, which according to the pope, is not Christ-like at all.

His criticisms are both relevant and correct. Nevertheless, they're not a tad shy of being provocative. The pope criticized the traditional thoughts of the Catholics including repopulating the earth like rabbits, as a means of being a good Catholic.

He also said that he believed in god, the god who is not the catholic god. According to him there's no catholic god, but there is god incarnated in Jesus Christ. Moreover, the Holy pontiff has said Christians should start making apologies to gay people, for the reason that they have been offended and exploited by the church.

One of the most endearing acts that the pope has done is when he told a single mother not to be ashamed. Rosemary Farfan often felt guilty and ashamed for being a single mom, Rappler reported. Pope Francis told her it's not easy to be a single mom, but said she was brave and congratulated her for bringing her daughters into the world.

This was in line with the pope's decision during the Jubilee Year of Mercy where he allowed priests to absolve the sin of abortion for those who have a contrite heart and sought forgiveness.

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