Attack on Titan: New Season Will Explore Old Characters


"Attack on Titan" show runners reveal that the new season of the hit anime show will explore old characters who weren't given key roles in the previous season. Meanwhile, the creators of the series also said that the show is truly an incredible piece of work.

Showrunners' Take on New season

Funimation recently announced that it will air "Attack on Titan Season 2" starting April 1, IGN reported. With the new season fast approaching, Director Koizuka Masashi and Chief Director Araki Tetsuro hinted what to expect for the show's sequel. Masahashi said they will explore side characters through expositions. He said they want to use dialogue in a way that it is seamlessly incorporated in the narrative of the show.

Most fans are excited with the showrunner's promise of exploring the characters who weren't given key roles in the first season, Comic Book reported. Season one was all about lead characters like Armin and Mikasa. The upcoming season will shift its focus on other members of the Survey Corps.

An incredible piece of work?

Meanwhile, Araki said the team is always astounded with how much film rolls were used to produce the show. Seeing the frightening amount of rolls is like witnessing a phenomenon, he said. Araki is very grateful for the quality of the show, and even said that it is an incredible piece of work.

New promotional art where released early February. The first official footage for the new show was also released around that time. The promotional art and the new footage are noticeably more intense with more character featured in it.

The show follows Eren Jaeger who sets out to annihilate all Titans. However, he later on turned into a Titan himself during on of the battles. Using his new power, he defends his home against the Titans. After defeating the Female Titan, Eren immediately faces the horde of Titans on their way to attack Wall Rose.

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