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Honest Trailers Rips Oscars Best Picture Nominees and Calls ‘La La Land’ a ‘Hollywood Handjob’; Donald Trump Gives Opinion [VIDEO]


The 2017 Oscars is fast approaching, and it has its fair share of controversies and criticisms. There is no other team that can poke fun and tell the truth about the movies nominated for Best Picture than "Honest Trailers." They even somehow cleverly took shots at President Donald Trump through their YouTube video about the event.

It's obvious that Screen Junkies "Honest Trailers" still has a lot of reserved jokes about each of the Oscars Best Picture nominated films in their individual "Honest Trailer" versions in the future, Slash Film reported.

Really Honest Trailers of Best Picture Nominees

Screen Junkies "Honest Trailers" usually makes fun of bad movies like "Independence Day 2" and "Suicide Squad," but this year they managed to lambaste all the 9 Oscars Best Picture movies in 2016. "La La Land" was not spared from the hell fire of sarcasm and satirical review from the team calling the Musical "Hollywood Hand Job."

Their jokes about "Hidden Figures" were clearly aimed at racist white people. Meanwhile, they pointed out how the creator of "The Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkle" created a totally different type of movie with "Manchester by the Sea," which is a very depressing film. "Hacksaw Ridge" was about how Mel Gibson is in a phase in his life where he has yet to blow up into a big pile of controversy.

Their jokes on Denzel Washington's "Fences" were also hilarious, especially the snot acting part. "Lion" was the least known among the films nominated for Oscars Best Picture. The name of "Arrival" director was simply impossible to pronounce. "Moonlight" has all the ingredients needed for a Best Picture award.

Donald Trump Opinion Included

At the beginning of the video it immediately took shots on the current administration saying the event lets LA's narcissists use their awards against DC's ugly narcissists, Entertainment Weekly reported. They even impersonated Donald Trump during the "Starring" portion of the video. They cleverly incorporated the radical values of the new president like being racists, sexists, bigot and more.


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