The Stages Of Studying For Midterms That College Students Pass Through


If you are a freshman student, it is a bit hard to imagine how your first midterm would go, you might not know what to expect. And though you had high hopes for your midterms, there is a reality about the things that you will go through especially when you are trying to prepare for it.

College midterm is not just about the tests or exams, because according to Golden Bear Blog, there is this distinct tension that comes around when this familiar season arrives. It is nothing compared to what you have experienced in high school. So if you are trying to get ready for your midterms, here is what you need to expect about the phases you will have to go through, according to USA Today College.

Stage 1

You have nothing but pure positivity. You feel like everything you need is right within your reach and perfectly ready to start studying. You feel great and on the go.

Stage 2

You are now beginning to surrender to your books, review materials and busy with whatever it is that you are working on. You can be so engrossed in what you are doing that you do not notice anymore what is going on around you.

Stage 3

Here's where temptations begin to distract you. Your friends would invite you to go out on the weekends and you're starting to lose it.

Stage 4

You do a mental reset and turn off those distractions until you can get over the hump. You begin to refocus and feel fresh, ready to start again.

Stage 5

You have finally gotten yourself back to the rhythm and without realizing it, you are just few pages away before you can call it a day.

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