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'King Arthur' Movie Trailer 2017: A Fresh Take On Excalibur's Legend [VIDEO]


When someone mentions King Arthur, the first thing anyone would think about is "the sword in the stone." Well, the new "King Arthur" movie trailer 2017 was just released and it shows a fresh take on Excalibur's legend.

The new "King Arthur" movie trailer 2017 is an epitome of how legendary stories must be told. According to Variety, the upcoming movie follows Arthur (portrayed by Charlie Hunnam) on a quest to take back what is rightfully his - after getting stripped off his birthright when his father was murdered years ago. In order to do that, he would need the power of a legendary sword called Excalibur, which is actually destined for him to pull out from the "stone."

In the new movie trailer, we first get to see the late King Uther Pendragon (portrayed by Eric Bana) saving his wife and son from being caught in what seems to be an uprising in Camelot and went to the nearest port to escape. However, he was captured and his wife fell off to the raging sea. That's when an already-grown Arthur woke up from his dream and a woman's voice in the background asked him, "Did you see everything you needed to see?" - to which he replied, "I saw enough."

The next parts of the movie trailer show an out-of-this-world cinematography, as well as other characters from the Arthurian legend itself such as Guinevere, Merlin, and the story's primary villain: Vortigern (portrayed by Jude Law), King Arthur's uncle and the one who took over Camelot when King Uther was murdered. And of course, there's that magnificent scene where the legendary sword was finally pulled out by King Arthur.

Overall, the movie trailer makes the Arthurian legend even more awesome today and more interesting to learn about. As reported on Forbes, however, it seems like "Legend of the Sword" has a long way to go as compared to the likes of "Star Wars: Rogue One." It was also deemed to have a bad timing for a summer release, having been delayed a number of times already since it was originally set for release last year. But judging from the said movie trailer, there's a big chance that it might go beyond box-office expectations.

Watch the new "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" movie trailer below:

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