UCLA Students Blocked From Enrolling In Free Speech Course Of A Conservative Professor


A conservative communications professor at UCLA claims that the university is preventing his students from enrolling to his free speech class for the spring semester.

Keith Fink said that his department chair is the one that is blocking the enrollment which is something that is more likely politically motivated. The department chair said that the decision is based on keeping a reasonable class size across the major and denies that the decision was not based on any political assessment, The College Fix reported.

The said "reasonable size" is limited to 150 students, and the students said that they want to enroll to the class "Communication Studies 167: Sex, Politics, and Race: Free Speech on Campus", according to The Daily Caller.

Taryn Jacobson, one of the students said that they have attempted to register to the course but they kept on getting turned away because the class is supposedly full. She stated in an email that this is already her last quarter in the university and that the course is crucial to her law school preparation. She also believes that it will serve as her guide in deciding her aspirations to attend.

Fink told the UCLA college newspaper that he is not the voice that is going to go away, and that he is willing to fight especially when seeing an injustice towards students.

Austin Kaidi, a former teaching assistant in Fink's classes, said that for the past five years, Professor Fink was able to educate huge number of students with no problems at all. The only problem is that he is the only outspoken conservative in the department that is why he is being singled out, especially after Communication Studies appoints a chairwoman with incredibly left-leaning ideals.

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