5 Life Lessons From The World's Most Inspirational Women


Women have never been short of role models in whatever area they are in. From STEM to entertainment, there are always those strong females who serve as beacons of light and hope to the next generation of women. Here are five life lessons from the world's most inspirational women.

Don't let your passion die

The most inspirational women in history are passionate women who continuously and tirelessly pursue their dreams and ambitions. Not only are these women passionate but they are also committed to their passions. One example of this woman is Shu Lam, a 25-year-old Malaysian PhD student at the University of Melbourne, who had holed herself in a laboratory looking for a way to kill superbugs that cannot be eliminated by antibiotics. She was able to discover a breakthrough that would end the war against superbugs.

Never lose your curiosity

For the world's most inspirational women, curiosity never killed the cat but it has led them to go beyond their comfort zones and expand their horizons. Meryl Streep talked about the power of curiosity saying that her imagination was what took her "out of her circumstances." More so, it also helped her understand herself and other people more.

Embrace your uniqueness

Each person is unique but there are those whose uniqueness really stand out from the crowd. One common characteristic of these inspirational women is their ability to embrace their being different. That was not an easy task because it was uncomfortable at first but once they've learned to accept it, what was perceived to be a weakness becomes an enabler for success. One of these is Jo Malone, a world-famous perfumer and businesswoman, who used her dyslexia to succeed in the business world by creating "solutions that were less obvious."

Don't be afraid to ask for help

The world's most inspirational women are not lone rangers but they were courageous enough to ask for help. They know their limitations and their weaknesses acknowledging that collaborating with other people makes it easier to reach the top than by going through it alone. IMF chief Christine Lagarde advises young women to 'reach out to other women' and ask them for help and support.

Turn your setbacks to strengths

Yvette Vega, television producer and co-creator of Charlie Rose, said that everything doesn't have to be perfect. She added that if you "fall down and scrape your knee," all you need to do is just patch it up with a Band-Aid, get up on your knees, and run faster.

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