Tips on How to Keep Macbook Pro Battery Running More Than 10-Hour Benchmark


Apple has the devil to deal with with its MacBook Pro battery that runs shorter than the 10-hour benchmark. This issue made a lot of its loyal consumers angry. But worry not, there are useful tips to make it run until 12 hours and make your $3,000 purchase worth every buck.

MacBook Pro Battery Issues

According to Ben Slaney, the person who developed Battery Guru, the 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro is more power efficient compared to its predecessors. That means when you're only reading an e-book and doing nothing else with your device, the battery can last up to 18 hours, Mashable reported. That's because Apple successfully decreased power draw when the device is under low power usage conditions.

Professionals who have bought the device, however, are unhappy with it. That's because they can't use the device as idly as the company expected them to be. The 2016 MacBook Pro's battery is 25 percent smaller that its predecessors. Apple's optimizations are no match for professionals' intensive tasks.

This only means that the 2016 MacBook Pro battery condition varies depending on who's using it. Slaney thinks the MacBook Pro battery issue is overblown considering the power that the device gives to the user.

MacBook Pro Battery: Serious Tips that Work

The more you rev up your processor by downloading huge files or editing videos, or playing graphically enhanced games, the faster they will zap your MacBook Pro battery life, CNET reported.

  1. Dim the screen. A three-quarter brightness will do. The screen brightens by 67 percent when you max out the new Mac screen.
  2. Don't plug USB devices as often. That's because they have the power to wake the system. In times when a snooze could save a battery life, waking up because of an external device is not pro-energy saving at all.
  3. Safari is the best choice. Other browsers are really not necessary in a Macbook Pro because Safari is the only browser that understands energy efficiency.
  4. Watch video in full screen. This will buy you 50 or 60 more minutes especially if you turn off closed captioning.

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