PlayBook 4S: An All-In One Carry Anywhere PlayStation 4 Slim Laptop


A PlayStation 4 laptop might seem a little weird to many, but not to Ed Zarick, a talented modder who also a built laptop version of the Xbox One last year, is back with a PlayStation 4 Slim laptop he calls the PlayBook 4S.

Zarick, who also maintains the YouTube channel, Ed's Junk, has set his attention on the PlayStation 4 Slim. Though his finished product is anything but slim, the point of his projects is a self-contained all-in-one PlayBook 4S that can be taken anywhere on the go, according to Polygon.

To create his PlayStation 4 laptop, Zarick gutted a PlayStation 4 Slim, took the game console's innards and secured them in a modded clamshell box with a 19-inch display. The resulting product is PlayBook 4S console that one can take on the road, or just about anywhere, a gamer would want to take the machine and play.

One caveat to Zarick's design is that they do not feature batteries, which he says is intentional to lessen the weight. The PlayBook 4S have to be plugged into a power source to be able to be used. However, he has designed the unit to include an HDMI out port located at the back of the system, which allows the PlayBook 4S to be hooked up to an external monitor or to a big-screen TV, Digital Trends reported.

Zarick does accept commissions to mod up a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4S into the PlayBook laptop. He recently did work to produce a 24-inch PlayBook 4. With so much space in the chassis, Zarick inlaid an android touch-screen tablet on the device to take control of the PlayStation app.

Admittedly, he says the PlayBook 4 is not nearly as portable as the PlayBook 4S. The size alone would be problematic to carry around in a bag. However, the resulting PlayBook 4 is a conversation piece for the proud owner.

Zarick does sell his modded creations and accepts custom orders; however, it does not come cheap. A custom PlayBook 4S would set a customer back $1,495. The price goes down to $1,195 if the customer ships him the PlayStation 4 Slim console to be put in his custom case.

He will also upgrade the PlayBook 4S hard drive if the customer asks for it, though there was no mention how much he would charge extra for the upgrade. Watch the video below to see the PlayBook 4S in action.

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