Android Nougat Rolls Out To More Xperia Devices, Honor 8; Snail-Paced Updating Plagued By Bugs And Other Issues


The Android Nougat will be rolling out to more Sony devices like the Xperia Z3 Plus, Xperia Z5, Xperia Z4 tablets as well as the Honor 8. The update comes at crawling pace reaching only 1 percent of all Android devices after reports by users regarding various bugs and issues.

The Android Nougat update was released last October with first dibs naturally going to the Pixel and Nexus phones. It has been four months now, but the update has not yet reached a significant percentage of new Android phones. Last week, Sony has announced that it will be rolling out the update again to limited devices, but an update from the Xperia blog just revealed that there will be more Xperia devices set to receive the latest version of Google's OS.

Android Nougat on Xperia Devices

Sony continues its update on the Xperia Z3 Plus, Xperia Z5, and Xperia Z4 tablets after halting it in January. The company has already fixed the bugs that were reported by the users and is now poised to bring it more to Xperia devices. Sony has also added a few tweaks of its own like the new messaging app, manual camera settings control and a redesigned home screen that bundles in Google Now. Other Android Nougat features include new emojis, GIF keyboard and "launcher shortcuts," Express Online reported.

Android Nougat on Honor 8

In the same week, a few Honor 8 devices have also begun getting the update and all Honor 8 phones will get it by end of February. Honor's Nougat update roadmap schedules Honor 6X on the second quarter of the year with no definitive announcement on whether Honor 5X, the first Honor device to debut in the U.S, will get it. The company has already committed to a yearly update cycle for all its devices released in 2016, which may include the 5X.

Android Nougat Snail-Paced Updating

Figures published by a Google developer forum revealed that the combined Android 7.0 and Android 7.1 iterations have only reached 1.2 percent of Android devices. Unlike its iOS counterparts that have reached 76 percent of actively used iPhone and iPad, Trusted Reviews has learned. The 2014 Android Lollipop is still the popular OS with 32 percent of devices still using it.

The Android Nougat update has not rolled out smoothly in the past months with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users reporting of battery draining problem. Sony Xperia users have also reported problems with the SD card storage and third party apps compatibility. However, slow it may be, users are hoping that Google and smartphone makers will further improve the OS and resolve its bugs so that Android users will be able to enjoy its latest features.

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