Newly Launched Youtube Mobile Live Streaming Offers Killer Revenue-Generation Features [VIDEO]


Youtube has first rolled out the live-streaming feature on its desktop site in 2011. Today, the company is bringing that feature to mobile devices, a move that will put it in direct competition with the industry's favorite Facebook Live and Periscope.

Youtube Goes Head-To-Head With Facebook Live And Periscope

According to TechCrunch, the new live-streaming feature added to the YouTube mobile app gives creators the ability to go live streaming anytime from their mobile device. Like Facebook Live, the new feature will also display feedback right on the screen so live streamers can interact with their viewers and followers.

There is no need to download a separate app to go live streaming. The entire streaming feature is built-in right into the YouTube mobile app.

Getting started is quite easy. The mobile live streaming button will sit at the top of the Youtube mobile app and creators can live stream in portrait or landscape mode.

Unfortunately, the newly launched mobile live streaming feature will only roll out to Youtube top video creators for now. There is still no official words on a wider release.

Youtube Offering Incentives And Rewards To Content Creators

YouTube is also rewarding content creators with some good incentive- money. The primary goal is to encourage and motivate content/video creators to produce more video/content for the Google-owned video-sharing site.

The video-sharing site plans to give video/content creators a portion of the ad revenues generated from the web traffic of their live streaming videos. The moves will also provide video creators with another way on how to monetize their content through advertising besides their traditional videos monetization program.

In addition to the revenue-sharing scheme, the company has also opened up a new way for users to make money through a new feature called SuperChat. According to Digital Trends, the feature gives users the ability to pay money for sending a high-profile message/comment directly to the live streamer.

The comment or message will be highlighted in the live stream and will remain in the spotlight for a set period of time. This will ensure that the message will be noticed by the viewers, and at the same time, provides the content creators/ live streamers some extra cash.

The SuperChat feature also provides another way for the creators to spot and know their most loyal fans or followers. However, creators will be responsible for moderating the comment made in the live stream, YouTube said.

For now, it still not clear how much revenue the live streamer gets out from this feature.

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