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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' First Assignment: Mend Fences With Education Foes


After the official announcement of Betsy DeVos being the new US Secretary of Education, she has been given her very first assignment- and that is to mend fences with her education opponents. DeVos, a wealthy Republican donor and school choice champion, has gone through a rocky phase during the nominations with all the senate hearings and critics questioning her eligibility for the position.

Despite all these, she promised to work with everyone, even with the people who chose to not support her just to make sure best education is given in the schools in the country, US News reported.

On Wednesday, she delivered her very first public message and said that she is committed to work with everyone and anyone; and also promised her staff that she is working to "protect, strengthen and create new world-class education opportunities for America's students", according to The Washington Post.

DeVos got confirmed as the Secretary of Education last Tuesday after Vice President Mike Pence had to make a tie-breaking vote after two Republican senators opposed her. They were concerned about the support she could give to the public schools. Her views also on LGBT rights, sexual assault and other students' special needs were the reason for the opposition.

In her nine-minute speech, challenging the Education Department to examine their policies and practices, she said that preconceived notions should be set aside, and that despite the disagreements, it is more important to come together and look for common grounds and put the needs of the students first.

She also added that she is the type of person who listens more than she speaks, so she urged employees to keep an open mind about her and encouraged everyone to be more open and patient towards different views than our own.

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