OLED Display 2017: iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, Pixel 2, Xperia X; Which Device will Stand Out from The Crowd?


It's hard to imagine how fierce the competition will be if the flagships are launched. However, one feature could determine how great the handsets can be and which one will likely be the best among all.

Galaxy Note 8

The rumor about OLED panel was first attached to Samsung's Note iteration. From the leaked patent documents to the speculations made by analysts - Galaxy Note 8 is said to sport an OLED display just like Galaxy S8.

Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be VR-ready with Google Daydream on the list. The 4K display is what fans are eagerly waiting for. Combined with super AMOLED technology, it is expected to bring fully immersive display to enhance visual experience.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 with OLED display will not be the base model. Instead, Apple might introduce it as a premium variant, according to Forbes. It's plausible that the OLED iPhone will create a hype since this will be the first for Apple. Furthermore, the Cupertino giant is reportedly equipping its iPhone 8 with flexible screen and bezel-less display.

Google Pixel 2

It is obvious that Google will retain OLED display on the next Pixel with a few other improvements. It is also possible that Google will use high Peak brightness for its HDR dynamic range feature.

Xperia X

The information on the upcoming Xperia premium phone is scarce but according to a few sources, Sony won't be using OLED panel this year. Instead, it will launch the first OLED phone in 2018, as reported in Ubergizmo.

With the 23 MP expected on its rear camera and the latest processor chip in tow, Sony Xperia could have the best visual experience of all.    

OLED will eventually outperform LCD display with its power-saving performance and it is just a matter of time until we find out the best device coming this year.

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