ARM Chips for MacBooks, Snapdragon 820 for DragonBoard 820c Computer: Set to Dethrone Intel Joule, Raspberry Pi


Aside from AMD Ryzen, Intel has also two emerging competitors that are about to invade the market with powerful products. ARM-based chips in MacBook Pro and Snapdragon 820-based board in DragonBoard 820c computers are among the fierce newbies in the processor industry. Read more details here about the newest Snapdragon-based computer!

DragonBoard 820c is World's First Snapdragon-Based Computer

The evolution of PC hardware is seems like deviating from the traditional Intel-powered motherboard. Just recently, the Cupertino-based tech firm Apple is rumored to have been integrating ARM-based chips to their MacBook Pro 2017 which has first introduced to iPhones the A9X and A10X.

In relative to that, an Android OS computer has also come to rise which is called DragonBoard 820c and is powered by Snapdragon 820-based chipsets. According to PC World, the computer is based on the hardware components of premium smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Since the DragonBoard 820c is based on Snapdragon 820, it is expected to deliver support for 4k graphics as well as wide range for wireless devices. It has 32GB flash storage amking it so far the highest one comapred to Intel Joule 570x board with 16GB of storage and Raspberry Pi 3 with no storage at all.

What Does DragonBoard 820c Can Do?

It's potential predecessor, the DragonBoard 410c has included support for various software platforms such as Android, Windows 10 IoT core and Linux. For this reason, DragonBoard 820c is expected to surpass its potential predecessor with link to cloud computing such as Microsoft Azure's cloud service, according to WCCF Tech.

Furthermore, DragonBoard 820c can also be used to power electronics devices such as powerful robots, smart devices and drones. The board is not yet available for commercial use but looking at its specs, it can be a tough competitor of Raspberry Pi and Intel as well but is expected to come in a higher price. 

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